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In order to keep your natural stone floor and counters in the best condition, it is helpful to understand what may cause them to lose their shine, develop spots or become stained.


To avoid damaging your marble, do not use acidic cleaning solutions including vinegar

Never scrape or scour your marble.

Tools You’ll Need for Care

Microfiber Dust Mop

Cotton Cloth or String Mop

clean Water

Castile Soap or Vegetable-based Dish Soap



Use a dust mop or duster to sweep marble floors and counters frequently to keep dirt from building up. We feel this is the simplest and most cost-effective way to keep marble clean.

Wipe up spills immediately so that they don’t sink into the stone and stain.

Wash or mop your marble with clean warm water and using the mops listed above. Use as little water as necessary, wringing out your mop often. Dry the marble immediately after mopping to prevent residue.

For more serious dirt, mix a tablespoon of castile soap or dish soap with a quart of warm water use it a mop to wipe the surface clean. Rinse with warm, clean water and dry immediately.

We can occasionally hone and buff the surface with wool to main its luster and stain-resisting qualities. The frequency of this maintenance varies and depends on the surface as well as the amount of wear.

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